About us

about-standThe Ponti computer stand was designed and developed by Italo Fioravanti and Giorgio Fioravanti at their business premises in Knysna, South Africa in 2014.

It was designed to alleviate aches and pains we started getting at our office from spending too many hours a day sitting down in front of the computer! We started doing research into the problem of sitting down too long, and quickly realised that we were dealing with a serious global health problem, and the more we read, the more frightening it got!

Whilst there are already other sit/stand devices available in America and Europe, they are either very expensive, too bulky or just not versatile enough.

With Italo’s engineering & design background, and our access to the right factories, the stand’s design started to take shape, and went through many improvements and fine tuning, before we were happy to start testing the product and getting professional medical opinions.

The Ponti computer sit stand has been designed as a practical, versatile, durable and affordable solution to the world’s new health problem, sitting down too long!

Commonly known as the “sitting disease” the health problems directly caused by it are numerous and serious, and we hope that our stand can help in the fight against it.