I have suffered from back pain for many years which is aggravated by my job – I spend the majority of the day sitting in front of my computer.   After hearing about the Ponti stand I decided to give it a try and found it is more than worth it. This allows me to alternatively sit and stand at my computer and still continue with my work. Standing more has already gone a long way to alleviating that ”tired” feeling I had in my back at the end of the day.   The stand was delivered to my address almost immediately and is easy to install.  Several colleagues of mine have expressed interest in this device.   All in all this was money well spent and anything which helps with my back pain is really worth it.   M Jackson Spartan Kempton Park
M Jackson

I’ve been a bookkeeper for approximately 25 years and therefor sitting down for the largest part of the day is part of what I do. I’ve suffered from neck and back pain for a number of years now. Various treatments from physio therapy to dry needle therapy have not helped much. In February 2015 I decided that I must do something about the chronic neck and back pain. I spoke to my employer about a stand-up workstation. My thoughts regarding this was that it would mean a new modified desktop and costs to the company for all the changes. He told me about the concept stand that Ponti had just started to manufacture and said that I should contact Mr Italo Fioravanti. I did just that and within a few days I received my stand. It took just a couple of minutes to set up, takes up minimal space and adjusts to your individual height and angle of looking at the screen. It is so easy to adjust the screen and keyboard stands so whether you prefer to sit and work for a couple of hours or stand up, it takes a minute to adjust the stands to the desired position. I ensure that I sit down during the day, as well as moving around whilst I stand and work. The advantages have been enormous. I have no back ache or neck pain whilst I stand. Almost as soon as I sit down the pain starts again. The improvement in my general well-being is most certainly due to the stand-up station – I feel more energised, I get more done, I move around a lot more which improves blood circulation and assists with weight loss. The biggest advantage for me is that I have no more back ache or neck pain – something that’s caused me a lot of pain and discomfort over the years. I think once your back & legs become accustomed to more standing – you should have sitting periods during the day – you too will find it a fantastic change and improvement! Thank you so much to Ponti for excellent service & all the advice that they have given me! - Martie de Jager (Knysna Nissan)
Martie de Jager,
Knysna Nissan

I want to thank you for allowing me to be one of your “guinea pigs” to test your prototype of the Ponti Computer Stand! I thought I would give you some detailed feedback. I have been using it for over two months now. On average, it takes between 5 to 10 days to get used working while standing up. It is now my preferred way of working. Since using it the lower back ache I experienced has disappeared. I would recommend the product to any person who holds down a sedentary job particularly if it entails computer work together with analytical or consulting work. When I am consulting or reading I sit at my desk and the moment I do work on my laptop I stand. This is the perfect mix. I wish you all the best with your launch and would be perfectly happy if any person who is interested in buying your product wants to phone me so I can expand on my views.

I have been using the “PONTI” computer screen & keyboard stand for about 2 months. As a sufferer of lower back & leg pain which is exacerbated by long periods of sitting (sometimes required in my line of work), I often find that standing & working at a computer to be a relief. The challenge, until now, has been to work comfortably while standing! The “PONTI” stand allows me to stand & work at my computer with ease – the total adjustability of the system allows me to set the screen & keyboard to exactly the right height & angles to suit me. Since using the “PONTI” my lower back pain had reduced substantially & I am able to work for extended periods while standing at my workstation. I can recommend this system to anyone who suffers from lower back & leg pain as a means to achieve set work goals with the greatest of ease, without having to take “stretch” breaks every 20 minutes.



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